The 3000 lb Kitchen Island Part Two

In this week’s episode, AJ shares a brief overview of the progress of the kitchen island since we’ve last seen it. It’s been prepped for final sanding where it’ll then be followed with priming and painting. Dustin gives us a constructive tour of how the range hood is being assembled for the Longlais Project.

In this week’s video, AJ invites us to send in our questions about the Longlais Project or any other home renovation project. We encourage our viewers to send in their cabinetry or home renovation questions. Whether it’s about the Longlais Project or a project you’re thinking about working on, send your questions to us and if we choose yours for an upcoming vlog, we’ll send you a $10 Starbucks gift card!


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The 3000 Pound Kitchen Island

One of our current jobs is the Longlais Project which includes around forty to forty-five custom pieces made from paint grade maple.
AJ opens the video (AKA vlog) with his signature, “We’re making cabinets!” because, well, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re making cabinets.
The focal point of this project is the kitchen island, which AJ estimates will weigh around 3000 lbs once it’s installed and complete.

So far on this project, AJ and the crew have spent about sixteen man hours bringing the island together. This includes cutting the exact pieces down from planks and sheets of paint grade maple, MDF, and poplar. The body of the island has been assembled, the face frame has been created and attached, and the next steps will be to sand, prime, paint, and prep for preassembly install.

As part of our little tour of the Longlais kitchen island, AJ shares an interesting factoid about kitchen islands dating back to the Colonial era. It’s a bit of info that most viewers will find interesting.
AJ addresses a few questions sent to us by the Longlais family pertaining to cabinet building.

Longlais: What is the most time-consuming part of the process after the plans are finalized?
AJ: Once the finalized plans come into the shop, will be drawing it up and making parts lists and then double checking the part lists to make sure everything is correct before we start to build it.

Longlais: What part of the cabinet making process do you enjoy the most?
AJ: The final result when you can actually see the clients face and everything comes together.  And that makes them happy and that makes me kind of happy as well.

Longlais: Do you expect your customers to have you over for dinner once the project is complete?
AJ: I don’t expect it but if they’re going to do it, I like ribeye!

We encourage our viewers to send in their cabinetry or home renovation questions. Whether it’s about the Longlais Project or a project you’re thinking about working on, send your questions to us and if we choose yours for an upcoming vlog, we’ll send you a $10 Starbucks gift card!


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Kitchen Islands


Recently we started a job known as the Longlais Project, which contains forty custom cabinetry pieces all made from paint grade maple. It’s a massive project but we’re well aquainted with larger jobs. We meticulously create each component of the project with great care as we only want perfect pieces leaving our shop. One such meticulously crafted part of the project is the kitchen island. It’s approximately ten feet long and when complete with it’s chosen granite counter top, will weigh around twelve hundred pounds.

Custom_Cabinets_Longlais_ProjectThis got me thinking about the history of kitchen islands so I started doing some research about where the trend came from and how it’s evolved over the years.
There was an article written about how they were popular among prominent homeowners during the Colonial era. The article read that a family’s wealth could be determined by the size of their kitchen island. I can’t speculate too much into that but I can say there is probably some truth to it. When it comes to more modern times, it’s much easier to find historic content about kitchen islands.
A kitchen island isn’t actually part of the cabinetry as it’s technically considered furniture but homeowners who enjoy cooking together may see it more as a social hub for catching up while they cook. Over the years they’ve gone from being simple tabletops to having sinks, drawers, and oven inserts. With the way technology is advancing, it won’t be hard to image digital surfaces that’ll help us cook our meals. Technology that will weigh our food, know the proper cooking temps, and even give us a step by step assist for cooking anything. However, many homeowners will remain traditional by sticking with granite tops, stainless steel, or any variety of wood.

How a homeowner chooses the style of their island is mostly based on the interior of the kitchen itself. Sometimes it’s ideal to match the cabinetry and sometimes it’s best to completely offset the look. Before you start a kitchen renovation or plan for a new build, it’s important to keep the end result in mind at all times. Ask yourself, is the island the focal point of the kitchen or is the cabinetry? Of course, if the island is the focal point then this may be where you focus your resources giving the rest of the room the second spot on your list of priorities.

We are virtually unlimited in the things we can do for kitchen islands. We’d love to help you with your kitchen island. Give us a call 920-499-4444 and let’s discuss the vision for your kitchen island.

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New Vlog Format Coming Next Week!


We’re bummed that it wasn’t possible to release a new vlog last week and a fresh one this week but alas, we will be back next week. Last week was riddled with prep for the tradeshow and technical difficulties with our sound equipment. This week was omitted because of illness but we will be back next week with a slightly new format. Part of that new format is taking your questions about custom cabinets and home renovations. Please email those questions to and we’ll pick the best ones for our upcoming episodes. If we choose to use your question on our video blog (vlog) we’ll send you a $10 Starbucks gift card.

The soft close drawers video was the second one that we produced to feature one of our products. You may notice that it’s different than our typical vlog format and that’s because it’s not a vlog but a product demo video. We have two types of video streams on our channel to keep things better organized.

We look forward to bringing you educational and funny vlogs again next week.

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Pilot vlog – We’re Making Cabinets


“We’re making cabinets!” has become something of a sticky phrase around here. It was a spontaneous suggestion by our video producer which AJ has sort of made famous, sort of. You can probably expect to see it in every vlog moving forward as well as a couple t-shirts here and there.

In this pilot vlog, AJ takes us through the details of a bathroom vanity and linen cabinet for the Gatz Project.

This is the video that’s kicked it off for us. We’re currently restructuring our format thanks to all of our viewers who have been filling out our survey. If you haven’t had a chance to do so yet, please take a moment to do so. Every survey helps us to create better content for you, our appreciated viewer.

As always, thank you for watching and sharing our content. And to all of our troops and veterans, thank you for your service!

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No Vlog Last Week!


You may or may not have noticed that last week we didn’t post a vlog and that’s because we were working our tails off to get ready for the trade show at the KI Convention Center. On top of that, we had several projects to get out the door and we don’t like to rush our process. As a matter of fact, our product is our number one priority and nothing leaves our shop unless it’s perfect. As we move forward with our videos we have a lot of great plans but there is one person we want to hear from before we put any plans in stone and that person is you. Below you’ll find a short survey which will help us with the direction of our future vlogs.

If you filled out the survey, thank you. If you have not, please consider it. Each received survey helps us refine our video process so that we may bring you even more entertaining and informative videos blogs (vlogs).

Home Expo Show 2017


While we’re working on the next vlog we felt it would be a great time to tell you about the Home Expo at the KI Convention Center this weekend. It starts on Thursday afternoon and continues through Sunday afternoon. Click on the link in the Facebook post below.

We hope to see you there!


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The Gatz Project – Part Two


Our videos might be fun and silly but we take our work very seriously. We are both honored and humbled to have all of the amazing clients we’ve had. We are especially excited to work for the Gatz Family!

Dustin intros the video, “Welcome back to the Gatz Project. The doors are shaker…” Just then AJ appears in the shot and shouts, “We’re making cabinets!”

At this point in the game, we basically have the cabinet ready for pre-install. Meaning, put the hinges, doors stuff like that put together before we bring it on sight just to make sure things are adjusted and fits tight. Since the last time you’d seen it we went ahead and stained the cabinet (vanity). We seal the cabinet then top coat it to medium rub. What we use is Sherwin Williams. At this point, we’re ready to bring it to pre-install and bring it out to the house.”

At this point, AJ proceeds to show us a little magic by turning invisible as he walks behind the open vanity.
“At Elegant Cabinets, we don’t just make cabinets. We make magic cabinets!”

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Have an awesome day!

Custom Cabinets – Elegant Cabinets, Green Bay


The process of each project is very simple. A client will visit us with an idea for some custom cabinets they’d like in their home, cabin, or business and we begin a conversation about those ideas. Once we have a clear idea of what we’re building for the client we start our shop drawings and that’s where the construction process begins. The video below breaks down the step by step process up to the point where the cabinetry gets on the trailer to be installed.

“Before we start I usually have drawings made up for our customers. You can see some scratch work I go through with the customer to decide what kind of changes we want to make and once we come to a final drawing we start making shop drawings. We lay everything out which deciphers all the opening sizes, where we want the drawers and doors and anything else that we might want inside the cabinets. From here we make out cut lists. These are particularly for cabinet parts and we make our door parts, drawer lists, drawer boxes,  and so on. Here we have a set of drawings and if you look at this cabinet it mimics what we have here on our shop drawings. Once it comes to this point we sand everything, putty it, get it ready for the finishing room.
We stain our cabinets, paint them, varnish them, prime them. Here we have some pre-primed cabinets that still need a good sanding. This is where we put on all of our hinges and drawer tracks on our product before we bring them out to the customer it’s one of our last phases to the process. This particular rustic job has soft close door hinges and soft close drawer tracks on them. And now we’re ready to load them up on the trailer and take ’em out for the final install.” Dustin Devroy | President @ Elegant Cabinets

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Have an awesome day!



The Challenges & Benefits of Video Production


Running a business and producing video can be a huge challenge but it’s really worth every pang. Video accounts for nearly 65% (or more) of web searches by customers looking for a product. Facebook is pushing to be a video based platform by this time next year. Video is a dominating factor when it comes to being a business these days. When I look online to learn something new I go straight to YouTube. It’s perfect for visual learners because it’s, well, visual. As consumers, you and I will spend time doing research online before we leave the house to spend money. By creating videos that we share on social media what we’re doing is casting a wide net. This net makes it easier for our potential customers to find us on the web. Question, do people still call it the web?

The wider I can make my net the easier it’s going to be to get discovered. That’s a very big deal these days; creating an online presence that’s highly discoverable.
Think about it, why do bands put out music videos?
Why do big brands create commercials?
Why do motivational speakers share quick snippet videos about their philosophy?
The answer to these questions (and many like them) is to inform, educate, inspire, or entertain you in a way that makes you want more of what they have.

What we try to do is educate our customers as to what we have and sometimes we create video just to make them like us.
Is it important for your potential customers to like you? You bet it is! When someone starts to like your video content what you are doing is making an emotional connection with them. People naturally love to be connected! The best way to develop that likability component is to have a personality that’s likable. There are three foundational parts to a likable personality.

  1. Get off your high horse and connect with people on their level. If you approach the situation with an arrogant personality you’ll push people away. But, if you approach the situation as though you were a member of your audience and you care about how your product makes people feel, then you’ll get it.
  2. Make people laugh! This should honestly be number one. Making people laugh creates a happy sense of being. People gravitate towards people that make them laugh. That’s something you want to do for your customers and video is the perfect vehicle for that.
  3. Share your process via video. Show your potential clients how easy it is to do business with you. Share with them what the entire process looks like in a short edutaining video. If you’re not familiar with edutaining that’s educating and entertaining.

All the while you’re doing this, be relaxed and ready to make it fun. When you start turning it into WORK you’ll stop enjoying it and that’ll show.
The hard part is making time for it but since it’s important it’s worth making time for it.

I have an employee whose job is to take care of all of my video, graphic design, and social media. He creates an idea based on what our customers will enjoy and directs the whole project from idea through being published and shared on social media. You may not think it’s worth hiring a full-time creative with marketing experience but it’s worth every penny. Let’s face it, as business owners, we don’t have time to manage projects outside of our daily duties. Having someone we can trust at the helm of our visual media is a great feeling.

One of our goals for the coming year is to get more video. We’re trying out a stream of videos that cover our products like soft close drawers and videos to educate and make people laugh like the ‘We’re Making Cabinets’ video. Stick around and watch what we come up with!

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Have an awesome day!