The 3000 Pound Kitchen Island

One of our current jobs is the Longlais Project which includes around forty to forty-five custom pieces made from paint grade maple.
AJ opens the video (AKA vlog) with his signature, “We’re making cabinets!” because, well, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re making cabinets.
The focal point of this project is the kitchen island, which AJ estimates will weigh around 3000 lbs once it’s installed and complete.

So far on this project, AJ and the crew have spent about sixteen man hours bringing the island together. This includes cutting the exact pieces down from planks and sheets of paint grade maple, MDF, and poplar. The body of the island has been assembled, the face frame has been created and attached, and the next steps will be to sand, prime, paint, and prep for preassembly install.

As part of our little tour of the Longlais kitchen island, AJ shares an interesting factoid about kitchen islands dating back to the Colonial era. It’s a bit of info that most viewers will find interesting.
AJ addresses a few questions sent to us by the Longlais family pertaining to cabinet building.

Longlais: What is the most time-consuming part of the process after the plans are finalized?
AJ: Once the finalized plans come into the shop, will be drawing it up and making parts lists and then double checking the part lists to make sure everything is correct before we start to build it.

Longlais: What part of the cabinet making process do you enjoy the most?
AJ: The final result when you can actually see the clients face and everything comes together.  And that makes them happy and that makes me kind of happy as well.

Longlais: Do you expect your customers to have you over for dinner once the project is complete?
AJ: I don’t expect it but if they’re going to do it, I like ribeye!

We encourage our viewers to send in their cabinetry or home renovation questions. Whether it’s about the Longlais Project or a project you’re thinking about working on, send your questions to us and if we choose yours for an upcoming vlog, we’ll send you a $10 Starbucks gift card!


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