Why Are We So Good?

Custom Cabinets

We love when a client gives us a raving review likes Leslie’s. It makes us feel good. In fact, it makes us feel like every second we’ve put into that project was worth it and then some. As AJ once mentioned in our vlog, when a client feels good about what we’ve made, it makes us feel good too. When a client isn’t satisfied (which is rare) we won’t finish the project until they are pleased. It’s a policy of ours to walk away from every project with a happy client.

I’m about to get philosophical here.

When you spend time building custom cabinets week in and week out you learn something that you may not have in a previous project. There may be a small detail we’ve never had to apply before or a detail that’s rare for a cabinetry project. Often, we have very unique, artsy projects that require us to think way outside of the box and we really like that. This stretches us and makes our crew of craftsmen that much better. It also provides a sense of adventure during the production process which keeps everyone inspired.

A big part of what makes us good is the diversity of our projects combined with our collective skills and attention to quality. Everything just coalesces together to create something awesome for each custom cabinet project we work on. But when it really comes down to the real reason we’re so good, our clients hold the cards. We are nothing without our clients and we are thankful for each and every one of them. They keep us building, they keep us installing, and they keep us inspired. We greatly appreciate each and every client we have. If we created your cabinets or you’re thinking about hiring us to do so, Thank you!

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