When is it time for new cabinets?

Custom cabinets are a matter of personal taste. Just yesterday I was visiting a friend who has some very cool two-hundred-year-old cabinets in her home. She noted how much she loved her antique cabinets but she’s been thinking about having them replaced. She’d like them moved to the guest house and have some modern cabinets with under lighting and some sort of high tech interface in them. That conversation got me thinking, when is it time for new cabinets?

cool cabinets There are two distinct times when you may consider new cabinets.
1. The first is the most obvious. If you have cabinets that are falling apart, they’re cracked, coming away from the wall, or they’re just ugly. It’s hard living with cabinets that force you out of the room because you can’t stand looking at them.
2. You’re updating your home to sell it! I wrote yesterday how a client of ours chose to match their kitchen island with the external color and feel of their house. This is a great idea for your kitchen whether you’re installing a new island or new cabinets. It’ll impress potential buyers to use your kitchen to tie everything together.

Back to my friend’s cabinets and the idea of removing those two-hundred-year-old treasures. I really wanted to convince her to use various elements from her old cabinets but add new elements to it. I could think of three or four ways to update the old classic but she is set in her decision.


new cabinetsWhen you think about your kitchen cabinets, what would you change about them? Would you replace them, modify them, or just leave them alone?

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