Custom Kitchen Islands

Custom kitchen islands are more than a trend these days. They’re mandatory! For many younger families, the kitchen island is the newly designated kitchen table. It’s where they eat, do crafts, and have their together time. Kitchen islands are making things less conventional than usual by giving the sink a new home, taking it away from the walls.

custom kitchen island

Custom kitchen islands are a big part of what we do. You may have seen our video on the 3,000 lb kitchen island [if not click here] where we shared the details of the production process. We worked closely with the client during the design phase and produced the island they were dreaming of.

Custom kitchen islands don’t necessarily match your kitchen cabinets. One of our recent clients tied the inside and outside of their home together by matching their kitchen island with their siding. Kitchen islands are commonly the focal point of the room and sometimes the entire home.

How can you create an amazing design for your custom kitchen island? Consider the following!
1. How much time will you be spending in the kitchen?
2. Will you need an island that’s designed for someone who loves to cook?
3. Does your island design need to seat the entire family?
4. Are you an avid wine drinker?

If you have difficulty creating your own design, don’t worry. Elegant Cabinets has the experience to help your vision come to life. We’ll take the entire journey with you; everything from measurements through the installation. We’ll assist you with wood selection, countertop choices, and everything in between.

Custom Kitchen Island 2

If you have an upcoming project you’d like built by a team of experienced professionals, call us today! 920-499-4444


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