Green Bay Custom Cabinets

Green Bay Custom Cabinets is the SEO nickname for us, Elegant Cabinets. We take great pride in our work, being among the best in Green Bay and beyond. I say beyond because nearly 45% of our work is produced for homes as far south as Chicago and as far West as Minniapolous. I guess you could say our reputation is regional. We work with with a few amazing designers in those areas that call us in time after time to produce unique cabinets and the additional noncabinet piece. Since we’re not a cookie cutter cabinet shop and our portfolio is filled with beautiful and rare cabinetry creations these designers enjoy working with us. In the image below you’ll find some classic contemporary style cabinets but above the cooking space, you’ll find a large black frame for some recessed kitchen lighten. Details like this often accompany the cabinets we produce.

green bay custom cabinetsBelow is a one of a kind hideaway cabinet we made for a client. They came to us some a combination of ideas from Pinterest and their own vision. We worked together on clarifying the vision and immediately¬†got to work on creating this. It required specific dimensions for their mini fridge but that wasn’t hard to accommodate.

liqour cabinet

Elegant Cabinets (Green Bay Custom Cabinets) is more than cabinets too. One of our favorite custom projects was the massive kitchen table a client hired us to make for their Thanksgiving gathering. We created a bench to accompany this piece as well. The table was about nine feet long and made of hefty oak which made for a large project in its own right.

custom table

Elegant Cabinets (Green Bay Custom Cabinets) can do it all! Whether you’re looking for traditional cabinetry or very unique, we can do it all. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box because we can build that too.

glass cabinets

If you’d like to discuss your custom cabinets, give us a call today. 920-499-4444 we’d love to hear your ideas.

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