Twenty-nine Custom Cabinets – Gatz Project Pt1

Part of the resolution we developed as a company for 2017 is to produce more videos. Here is the official start to our Vlog (video blog) and we look forward to creating a lot more over the coming weeks and months. The Gatz Project (pronounced like Gates) is the first large order of 2017. In fact, we’re building twenty-nine pieces to go into a kitchen, bar, and four bathrooms. It’s a great way to start off 2017.

In this vlog episode 001, We’re making cabinets! Actually, much of the wood has been measured, cut, and joined by the production crew. In this video, we’re in the staining process for some of the cabinets going into the Gatz home. AJ takes a little time to explain the varieties of wood used to create a vanity and how it joins a linen cabinet.  We plan on vlogging about the installation of this project and can’t wait to show you what it looks like once installed.

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