The Challenges & Benefits of Video Production


Running a business and producing video can be a huge challenge but it’s really worth every pang. Video accounts for nearly 65% (or more) of web searches by customers looking for a product. Facebook is pushing to be a video based platform by this time next year. Video is a dominating factor when it comes to being a business these days. When I look online to learn something new I go straight to YouTube. It’s perfect for visual learners because it’s, well, visual. As consumers, you and I will spend time doing research online before we leave the house to spend money. By creating videos that we share on social media what we’re doing is casting a wide net. This net makes it easier for our potential customers to find us on the web. Question, do people still call it the web?

The wider I can make my net the easier it’s going to be to get discovered. That’s a very big deal these days; creating an online presence that’s highly discoverable.
Think about it, why do bands put out music videos?
Why do big brands create commercials?
Why do motivational speakers share quick snippet videos about their philosophy?
The answer to these questions (and many like them) is to inform, educate, inspire, or entertain you in a way that makes you want more of what they have.

What we try to do is educate our customers as to what we have and sometimes we create video just to make them like us.
Is it important for your potential customers to like you? You bet it is! When someone starts to like your video content what you are doing is making an emotional connection with them. People naturally love to be connected! The best way to develop that likability component is to have a personality that’s likable. There are three foundational parts to a likable personality.

  1. Get off your high horse and connect with people on their level. If you approach the situation with an arrogant personality you’ll push people away. But, if you approach the situation as though you were a member of your audience and you care about how your product makes people feel, then you’ll get it.
  2. Make people laugh! This should honestly be number one. Making people laugh creates a happy sense of being. People gravitate towards people that make them laugh. That’s something you want to do for your customers and video is the perfect vehicle for that.
  3. Share your process via video. Show your potential clients how easy it is to do business with you. Share with them what the entire process looks like in a short edutaining video. If you’re not familiar with edutaining that’s educating and entertaining.

All the while you’re doing this, be relaxed and ready to make it fun. When you start turning it into WORK you’ll stop enjoying it and that’ll show.
The hard part is making time for it but since it’s important it’s worth making time for it.

I have an employee whose job is to take care of all of my video, graphic design, and social media. He creates an idea based on what our customers will enjoy and directs the whole project from idea through being published and shared on social media. You may not think it’s worth hiring a full-time creative with marketing experience but it’s worth every penny. Let’s face it, as business owners, we don’t have time to manage projects outside of our daily duties. Having someone we can trust at the helm of our visual media is a great feeling.

One of our goals for the coming year is to get more video. We’re trying out a stream of videos that cover our products like soft close drawers and videos to educate and make people laugh like the ‘We’re Making Cabinets’ video. Stick around and watch what we come up with!

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