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The process of each project is very simple. A client will visit us with an idea for some custom cabinets they’d like in their home, cabin, or business and we begin a conversation about those ideas. Once we have a clear idea of what we’re building for the client we start our shop drawings and that’s where the construction process begins. The video below breaks down the step by step process up to the point where the cabinetry gets on the trailer to be installed.

“Before we start I usually have drawings made up for our customers. You can see some scratch work I go through with the customer to decide what kind of changes we want to make and once we come to a final drawing we start making shop drawings. We lay everything out which deciphers all the opening sizes, where we want the drawers and doors and anything else that we might want inside the cabinets. From here we make out cut lists. These are particularly for cabinet parts and we make our door parts, drawer lists, drawer boxes,  and so on. Here we have a set of drawings and if you look at this cabinet it mimics what we have here on our shop drawings. Once it comes to this point we sand everything, putty it, get it ready for the finishing room.
We stain our cabinets, paint them, varnish them, prime them. Here we have some pre-primed cabinets that still need a good sanding. This is where we put on all of our hinges and drawer tracks on our product before we bring them out to the customer it’s one of our last phases to the process. This particular rustic job has soft close door hinges and soft close drawer tracks on them. And now we’re ready to load them up on the trailer and take ’em out for the final install.” Dustin Devroy | President @ Elegant Cabinets

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