The Gatz Project – Part Two


Our videos might be fun and silly but we take our work very seriously. We are both honored and humbled to have all of the amazing clients we’ve had. We are especially excited to work for the Gatz Family!

Dustin intros the video, “Welcome back to the Gatz Project. The doors are shaker…” Just then AJ appears in the shot and shouts, “We’re making cabinets!”

At this point in the game, we basically have the cabinet ready for pre-install. Meaning, put the hinges, doors stuff like that put together before we bring it on sight just to make sure things are adjusted and fits tight. Since the last time you’d seen it we went ahead and stained the cabinet (vanity). We seal the cabinet then top coat it to medium rub. What we use is Sherwin Williams. At this point, we’re ready to bring it to pre-install and bring it out to the house.”

At this point, AJ proceeds to show us a little magic by turning invisible as he walks behind the open vanity.
“At Elegant Cabinets, we don’t just make cabinets. We make magic┬ácabinets!”

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