Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Is time for custom kitchen cabinets?

Recently I paid a visit to a $300k house and while I was there I took a quick look at the kitchen cabinets to see what sort of quality they were. I was shocked to find some incredibly cheap cabinets. I would expect a house that cost that much would have some high-quality cabinetry. They certainly did not have custom kitchen cabinets like ours. What they had were factory made junk that was probably shipped in from an assembly line in China. This reminded me of how most new builds come with such inferior cabinets.   Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When I looked closely I could see that these cabinets weren’t square, they were barely made with real wood, and by the way they would thud or crash when I closed them I’d say they’ll last maybe two years before they need to be replaced. The most common reason for this boils down to having a cheapskate contractor. Most builders want to make as much money as they can which is a typical business practice but not always great for the future homeowner. Eventually, the homeowner would call Elegant Cabinets and replace the original ones with our superior product.

How can buyers of new home construction save money on their cabinets?

The best recommendation I can make is to speak with your contractor early in the process. Ask them about only installing high-quality cabinets from Elegant Cabinets before they think about cutting corners on one of the most important parts of your future home. If you think about it, buying cheap cabinetry will cost you more over the course of three to five years as they’ll need to be repaired multiple times or just replaced altogether. Why go through the whole process more than once when you can have it done right the first time?


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