“No One Else Delivers the Same Quality as Elegant Cabinets”

-No One Else Delivers the Same Quality as Elegant Cabinets-

To whom it may concern;

Throughout the past twelve years, we have had three different cabinet companies do a custom cabinet for different rooms in our home and none of those company’s cabinets have the quality of construction that we observed with the cabinets from Elegant Cabinets. Even Showcase Kitchen’s cabinet used chipboard in the shelves. The cabinets from Elegant Cabinets only used plywood with the type of veneer that we had selected. Other companies would add an additional cost for that addition internal wood quality. 

The cost (using higher quality wood) was similar to the other companies (using some chipboard) involved, but we were able to get our cabinets installed at an earlier timeframe using Elegant Cabinets. The deal maker for us was the quality of construction and cabinet install timeframe. 

The install crew was also very careful with our newly painted walls and new flooring that was installed just prior to the cabinet installation. 

That last point I would like to make surrounds the exceptionally high degree of customer service. The company owner, Dustin Devroy would go to any length to stand behind ensuring the customer is completely satisfied with any aspect of the quality of build and install. 

My wife and I would highly recommend that you seriously consider using Elegant Cabinets for your new or remodel projects. 

Steve & Faith Seehawer


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