No Vlog Last Week!


You may or may not have noticed that last week we didn’t post a vlog and that’s because we were working our tails off to get ready for the trade show at the KI Convention Center. On top of that, we had several projects to get out the door and we don’t like to rush our process. As a matter of fact, our product is our number one priority and nothing leaves our shop unless it’s perfect. As we move forward with our videos we have a lot of great plans but there is one person we want to hear from before we put any plans in stone and that person is you. Below you’ll find a short survey which will help us with the direction of our future vlogs.

If you filled out the survey, thank you. If you have not, please consider it. Each received survey helps us refine our video process so that we may bring you even more entertaining and informative videos blogs (vlogs).