Kitchen Islands


Recently we started a job known as the Longlais Project, which contains forty custom cabinetry pieces all made from paint grade maple. It’s a massive project but we’re well aquainted with larger jobs. We meticulously create each component of the project with great care as we only want perfect pieces leaving our shop. One such meticulously crafted part of the project is the kitchen island. It’s approximately ten feet long and when complete with it’s chosen granite counter top, will weigh around twelve hundred pounds.

Custom_Cabinets_Longlais_ProjectThis got me thinking about the history of kitchen islands so I started doing some research about where the trend came from and how it’s evolved over the years.
There was an article written about how they were popular among prominent homeowners during the Colonial era. The article read that a family’s wealth could be determined by the size of their kitchen island. I can’t speculate too much into that but I can say there is probably some truth to it. When it comes to more modern times, it’s much easier to find historic content about kitchen islands.
A kitchen island isn’t actually part of the cabinetry as it’s technically considered furniture but homeowners who enjoy cooking together may see it more as a social hub for catching up while they cook. Over the years they’ve gone from being simple tabletops to having sinks, drawers, and oven inserts. With the way technology is advancing, it won’t be hard to image digital surfaces that’ll help us cook our meals. Technology that will weigh our food, know the proper cooking temps, and even give us a step by step assist for cooking anything. However, many homeowners will remain traditional by sticking with granite tops, stainless steel, or any variety of wood.

How a homeowner chooses the style of their island is mostly based on the interior of the kitchen itself. Sometimes it’s ideal to match the cabinetry and sometimes it’s best to completely offset the look. Before you start a kitchen renovation or plan for a new build, it’s important to keep the end result in mind at all times. Ask yourself, is the island the focal point of the kitchen or is the cabinetry? Of course, if the island is the focal point then this may be where you focus your resources giving the rest of the room the second spot on your list of priorities.

We are virtually unlimited in the things we can do for kitchen islands. We’d love to help you with your kitchen island. Give us a call 920-499-4444 and let’s discuss the vision for your kitchen island.

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